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This is Our Story



We believe in pursuing methods that break free from tradition. No idea is too small or too risky to try. It’s this ability and desire to tackle the unknown that leads to actual, relevant innovation on our office floors.


Technology is at the core of what we do and how we do it. We have witnessed technological shifts, pioneered many firsts and adapted with every wave of disruption. It has kept us both relevant and ready.


We nurture ideas and the ability to see beyond the obvious. Creativity to us isn’t simply the germ of an idea, but also the conviction to see it through to some form of tangible, and significant results. Withou that end result every idea is but a whim.


Ultimately we are who we are because we are driven, motivated and curious. Not a day goes by when we are not faced with herculean tasks, or challenges that feel impossible to confront. It takes grit and determination. Of which we have plenty.

A Tale of Two Births

We started out as a media company in 1998, before transforming into a tech-first solutions agency by 2003. We have witnessed the technological landscape shift, evolve and even crash with the winds of change. The world of Real Estate that we exclusively serve, has been no exception, where technology, creativity and storytelling have evolved as frantically as the mind can imagine. Luckily, we have not only adapted but also pioneered some of the most significant technological changes in the real estate space. We speak from experience, but we are also youthful, agile and ever so excited about the next big shift. It’s what makes us light, agile and ever so ready. Like a sparrow!
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Meet the Squad

Rashmi Kohli
Co-Founder & Director
Ashish Mahajan
Co-Founder & Director
Tarrun Kumaria
Director -Sparrow MiddleEast
Naman Vardhan
Director - Sparrow Africa
Abhishek Sorampuri
Director - Metaverse Initiative
Deepak Bagal
AVP - Business Development
Robin D'Souza
VP Business Development
Raji Kumar
VP Business Development
Chandan Abrol
VP - Projects
Mayank Arora
Project Sales Lead
Ayush Jaiswal
Project Sales Lead
Himanshu Saxena
General Manager - Architect
Manik Sharma
Creative Director
Manisha Tanwar
Multidisciplinary Designer
Rishi Sharma
Interactive Tech
Vijay Mehra
Ranjit Sarkar
Tanisha Malhotra
HR - Manager
Sparrow Interactive Pvt Ltd
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