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Life and Times


Sparrow started out as a media company in 1998, before transforming into a tech-first solutions agency by 2003. We have witnessed the technological landscape shift and evolve with the winds of change. We serve the world of Real Estate where technology has evolved frantically from being limited by physical contact to now being largely virtual and limitless. In a world where anything and everything is possible, we have pioneered many firsts and created for ourself a unique space in a challenging industry.

We have grown wiser, over the last few decades, but we have nurtured our desire to learn, embrace and tackle the new. Ultimately, we are who we are, because of the exceptional people who have taken this long, rewarding ride with us. We’re just getting buckled in for more!


Sparrow is a flock of storytellers, creative thinkers and dogged innovators. We believe stories outlast a good payday, and is the only thing that can have lasting impact. Which is why we believe in pursuing methods that break free from tradition. To build new ideas, we embrace technological shifts, believe in pioneering new frontiers and root everything we work upon, in creativity.

For each project we work on, be it our immersive experiences, experiential journeys or architectural visualisations, its the seed of creative imagination that ultimately bears, sweet, tasteful fruit.  Our decades’ worth of experience where we carved new niches and pioneered new frontiers made us wise. To write our next chapter, set in the ever-changing world of technological disruption, we have now become nimble-footed, agile and bold. It’s why our work speaks for us.

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Meet the Squad

Rashmi Kohli
Co-Founder & Director
Ashish Mahajan
Co-Founder & Director
Tarrun Kumaria
Director -Sparrow MiddleEast
Naman Vardhan
Director - Sparrow Africa
Abhishek Sorampuri
Director - Metaverse Initiative
Deepak Bagal
AVP - Business Development
Robin D'Souza
VP Business Development
Raji Kumar
VP Business Development
Chandan Abrol
VP - Projects
Mayank Arora
Project Sales Lead
Ayush Jaiswal
Project Sales Lead
Himanshu Saxena
General Manager - Architect
Manik Sharma
Creative Director
Manisha Tanwar
Multidisciplinary Designer
Rishi Sharma
Interactive Tech
Vijay Mehra
Ranjit Sarkar
Tanisha Malhotra
HR - Manager
Sparrow Interactive Pvt Ltd
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